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Great Progenitor


When I was a child, my Great grandmother counted my fingers on my little hand an told me this rhyme: 


For many years I have forgotten this rhyme. It's place was taken by modern songs and poems, mostly in foreign languages. And it seemed that together with this rhyme, my great granny went into internity.

But one day, far away from home inwardly traditional bavaria, holding my little daughter in my arms, my fingers began to fulfill a long forgotten action. 

Bending every little finger to a fist, those words from the depth of my heart, became to life: 


It was enchanted magic, awaken through the genetical memory of generations! 


From mother to mother. I heard her whisper. 

From this day forth, my act of returning home has begun, from this day forth the need for contact with Them originated. 

Through the studies, research and protection of their heritage, which they have created with their hands and souls, my vision of Adentchyk Badentchyk came to life. 


Symbolism of Adentchyk-Badentchyk

The pictures which decorate our website show four symbols, taurus, children, house and cock.

The taurus stands for the beginning. 

Regarding the prokaanatitic alphabet, from which the greek, latin, arabic and cyrillic writings have arised, the first letter “Aleph” is carrying the bulls head. 

The second letter in the pre-alphabet is Beth. This letter carries the sign of a house. This is the world we live in, our home. Home is our planet, our land, home is where we're together with our families.

The house as a symbol of life with all its spiritual and material merits.

In the middle of it all, the wagon carrying the children.

Boy and Girl. The childrens' world, which is connected with A and B, the present and the past. 

The children don't follow their own path yet, the wagon has to move them still. 

With them, the cock as a symbol of time. It is his task to pave the children's way for their growing-up and to give them the little knotted sack, with the most essential and most worthy things, to take with them in order to not lose themselves in this big, wide world.


Philosophy of Adentchyk- Badentchyk


One says that in former times everything was better. But I think, that in the past everything was more magical.

Our world is getting cold and pragmatic, urbanised. The farms overgrown with smartweed, low fences made out of wood, tiny, white houses with stork's nestes under the roofs – all that has vanished.


The cows and the smell of their milk on grannys hands, the vespertine singings which sound from all corners of the village, horses carrying wagons with precious giggling children in it, it all disappears.  


Freedom vanishes, and so do fairytales. 


Instead of this - asphalt, concrete, plastic, trash, abandoned houses with down-and-out ovens from which the scrap metall already got stolen. Grandmothers without fairytales, without songs and without Adentchyk. 

Children in secluted rooms, dedicating themselves to “knowledge” through the internet. 


What will we bequeath them?

From the cradle, the soothing world of lullabies, sayings and stories from the grandmother, attend children with their discovery of their identity and their meaning of life, as Bruno Bettelheimer, a famous american child psychologist says.

It gives certainty that a good and precious life is in the hands of the people themselves, even if there are many obstacles to overcome. 


That's why Adentchyk-Badentchyk highlights the child's world – especially those of ukrainian children. 


The stronger we connect to our past, the more hope we have for a better future – the present is the knot in between. 

For whom outwardness and labels are important, may not understand the invisible power of knots behind


It is our vision, to fill our children's souls with the eternal but forgotten values of our ancestors.

To bear them in mind, to revitalise and to synergise them with the present, is the principal purpose of our team of Adentchyk-Badentchyk.

Adentchyk-Badentchyk is the internal, which creates love and respect through education of self-identity.


Adentchyk-Badentchyk is made for parents who take care of the mental health of their little ones.

In the “children's room” you can find many little, but very important things which sink in therapeutic.

  • These are the dolly-birds of sorrow or what I call them “the souls of the ancestors”

  • These are the tooth-mice but not the fairys which we know from other cultures. 

  • These are the angels which used to sit on linen sheets over the beds

  • These are the bunnies who play ukrainian lullabies,  

 and much more things to discover, which are created individually, out of the best sustainable materials with the

smell of home.

For little mademoiselles and kosakys you can find everything you need for defining the national identity under “traditional clothes”.

And maybe one day, one will say in the world: “ What a Bavaria! What a Provence! What a Poltawa Region!” 

That is my dream.

Adenchyk-Badenchyk is Ukraine


With love 

Yours, Viktoria Chtcherban

and creative team


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